Our 2019/20 programs list is included on our calendar linked here. We are looking forward to hosting activities and events including Athletic opportunities, Family Socials, a Book Fair, school-wide Book Swap, Field Day, a kids Handmade Market, International Night, Puma Fest, Red Ribbon Week, Reflections Art Competition, Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, 5th Grade Girl Talk, and 6th Grade Guys Stuff.   


If you are interested in leading or contributing to a key program this next year, please take a few minutes to fill out the interest surveys linked below. Not all volunteer opportunities require hours and hours of time -- please consider being a part of a committee to lend your ideas and expertise!  All of our volunteers are a mix of stay-at-home, in-office (or both!) parents and caretakers who want to make a difference.  

If we all give a little, together, we can make a huge impact. 

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